The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Hylas satellite is to be integrated with its platform by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

The flexible, broadband Ka-band satellite for satellite operator Avanti Communications, is being built by an Astrium team and has a design life of 15 years.

The Hylas mission will provide broadband services in Europe and broadcast up to 30 standard-quality or 15 high-definition TV channels in Ku-band.

Astrium is developing the advanced Ku and Ka-band payload while ISRO is providing the satellite platform for the satellite.

ESA Hylas payload engineer Andrew Murrell said that the generic flexible payload technology, is at the heart of the communications module.

“It is based on highly integrated equipment that provides in-orbit flexibility to adapt the satellite’s frequency plan and connectivity to match evolving market demands,” he said.

“The use of the newly developed, flexible travelling wave tube amplifier from TESAT enables further optimisation of satellite resources by allowing power to be reallocated between service regions according to changing needs.”

The communications payload and the platform will be integrated and tested before launch in 2010 when it will be placed in geostationary orbit at 33.5°W.