Honeywell will supply 131-9A auxiliary power units (APUs) to China Southern Airlines for the operators new Airbus A320 and Boeing next-generation 737 aircraft.

Honeywell will also provide APU materials, spares and service to existing China Southern aircraft under the contract valued at over $65m for 192 aircraft.

An APU is a small turbine engine that provides bleed air to start the main engine and electrical power for the cockpit and galley systems.

The aircraft components will reduce fuel consumption by 5% and reduce emissions and the cost of ownership over the APU lifetime.

The unit will offer a 10% power advantage over other APUs while creating a 36% lower maintenance cost due to its simple design, Honeywell claims.

The long-term supply agreement covers 20 new and 36 existing A320s, and 65 new and 71 existing B737s.

The APUs for the 20 new A320 aircraft will be delivered over the next three years.