Thales Alenia Space has manufactured and integrated the integrated cargo carrier (ICC) as part of the second European Space Agency’s automated transfer vehicle (ATV).

The ATV, named Johannes Kepler, is an automatic unmanned logistics spacecraft that will provide the International Space Station with scientific equipment and spare parts as well as air, food and water for the crew.

The ICC Kepler will carry 5.5t of cargo and over 2t of fuel for the space station reboost.

The cargo carrier module includes water and gas distribution systems, provision for drinkable water and a passive thermal protection system.

The module will also fly a power-control unit and support the integrated system tests to the space station.

Thales Alenia also provides a solar array drive sub system, power conditioning units and telemetry tracking and control communication equipments for the ATV.

The module will be integrated and tested with the propulsion bay and the avionic bay at Astrium’s facilities.