Selex Communications has displayed the new Talon Lite satellite communications terminal at this year’s Defence Systems & Equipment International in London

The Talon Lite is a transportable, lightweight and robust 1m multiband terminal that has evolved out of the Dagger and Talon mk1 and mk2 satellite terminal versions providing solutions for voice, video or data, as serial or IP traffic.

The terminal comprises of an unmanned antenna outdoor unit (ODU) and an controlling indoor unit (IDU) provides high-bandwidth capability for serial or IP traffic.

The antenna ODU consists of a reflector, feed assembly / BUC / LNB, and an electronics base unit, while the IDU incorporates a beacon receiver, GPS receiver, compass and inclinometer for automatic satellite acquisition, utilising satellite data held in an internal database.

The IDU contains a satellite modem and the control and monitoring computer.

The terminal can be assembled in about five minutes without using tools, and a single button press initiates satellite acquisition.

Talon Lite can be operated worldwide from domestic mains outlets and is capable of a 4Mbps symmetrical bandwidth at X band.