MBDA has displayed a half-scale model of the modified Fire Shadow loitering munition. At Defence Systems & Equipment International 2009 in London

The Fire Shadow is a loitering weapon that can hover in the air for long periods before swiftly engaging a target. The weapon has an operating range of about 55nm and an endurance capacity of about ten hours.

The weapon design has been modified extensively after wind tunnel tests and two initial test firings conducted in April 2008 and in 2009.

The modified design features a more square shape than the original version and shorter and straighter wings instead of the previous folding forward-swept wing configuration.

The revised system is also equipped with a electro-optical / infrared seeker for the man-in-the-loop identification of battlefield targets.

Additionally large lattice fins have been incorporated to the weapon’s detachable rocket motor unit to ensure safe separation from the air vehicle.

The modified configuration will take its first firing trials in 2010 under a risk-reduction effort funded by industry and the UK defence, a part of the UK’s team complex weapons initiative.