The third prototype of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 prototype SN 95004 has taken its first flight, joining the flight test campaign taken up by the first two prototypes.

The 1hr 21 min flight test was aimed at verifying aircraft system operations, ensuring safety and checking the ramp-up production craft before delivery.

The aircraft along with the other two prototypes have accumulated over 700 flight hours in over 270 flights.

The Sukhoi is yet to undergo tests in Italy including checks on the community noise level, instrumented landing system, precision navigation and high intensity radiated field tests before its certification flight.

The prototype will be the first aircraft to be completely fitted with passenger equipment and the certification-ready avionics suite, which includes all options designed to meet the airlines’ requirements.

This includes the ‘dark-and-quiet’ cockpit, which is powered by the avionics suite and designed to make the flight comfortable for the pilots and, therefore, safer for the passengers

The other two prototypes are presently being tested for their engine performance following stability and controllability tests.