The RazakSAT satellite carried by the Falcon 1 Flight 5 will be launched into orbit in the launch window between 13 July and 14 July 2009.

The satellite built by California Space Exploration Technologies (spaceX) and Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd (ATSB) of Malaysia will provide high resolution images of Malaysia that can be applied to land management, resource development and conservation, forestry and fish migration.

The 180kg, low-orbit micro-satellite is to be launched by Space Exploration Technologies and will carry a primary payload consisting of a high resolution medium-sized aperture camera.

The spacecraft is three-axis stabilised and has a comprehensive sensor suite comprising of a space borne GPS receiver, star tracker, fiber optic gyroscopes, magnetometers and both fine and coarse sun sensors.

The satellites actuator systems include reaction wheels and magnetorquers that enable accurate positioning of the satellite.

RazakSAT’s launch was initially planned for 21 April 2009; however, it was delayed to fix a technical snag between the satellite and the launch vehicle.