Based upon years of extensive miniature connector design and fabrication experience, Omnetics has developed a Rapid Design system to significantly reduce time-to-market for miniaturized connectors made-to-fit advanced applications. Omnetics was positioned perfectly to meet the rapid evolution of high density electronics being demanded today. By using their existing Military Quality level cable and connector devices and years of focus on miniature electronics they were ready to lead the industry into an era of lower current and lower voltage interconnection design.

Beginning with Defense and Orbital space industry, leaders have turned to Omnetics for new designs that can meet new fit, for and function connections into low profile, light-weight electronic modules. Advanced connectors designed for portable robotics, asynchronous devices and person borne sensor systems frequently require both power and signals to be routed and fitted within totally new physical formats. Omnetics mixed signal devices meet high shock and vibration resilience to assure continuous signal integrity throughout the life of the instrument.

Surveillance devices, neurological test instruments, prosthetics and even shock-test equipment have moved to using Modified-Standard Connectors from Omnetics.

Omnetics is a highly agile firm focused on high-quality and fast service. By rapidly configuring solid models of proposed devices and using 3-d additive processes, new concept connectors, based on previously proven devices are shared with the designer in need. This provides a friendly interactive process in completing the design truly needed but assures highest quality and a ready-made manufacturing process. Final products are built by our Military Quality manufacturing team.

About Omnetics

Omnetics Connector Corporation has over 30 years’ experience and builds all products in the USA. They have standard products in stock at Digi-key and maintain strong support and relations with a world-wide distribution and sales team trained for focus on both standard and customized designs for connector miniaturization to form, fit and function. Connector products include a line of Micro and Nano Strip connectors, a family of Micro Circular connectors, a full line of Micro-D connectors, the world-Class Nano-D connectors (both QPL rectangular connectors), both Latching Micro and Nano-connectors, and a line of Polarized Nano-connectors, believed to be some of the smallest, highest-reliability connectors in the world