Military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are aircraft that operate without a human on-board pilot. They perform an integral role in the pursuit of airspace control and are used by many countries around the globe. UAVs are increasingly used for military operations, piloted by ground-based controllers.

Vehicles of this nature perform an integral role in military operations; allowing for strategic advantage for organisations on the battlefield. Over the next ten years, companies will need to focus on technological development as an increasing need for automated aerospace surfaces. This report by GlobalData offers analysis and insight into the industry, with market forecasts for the next ten years.

Asia-Pacific is set to drive the UAV market over the next ten years.

Forecasts indicate that the military unmanned aerial vehicles market will be driven largely by internal and external security threats, territorial disputes and modernisation initiatives. By region, Asia-Pacific and North America are currently the most significant customers in the military UAV market, with the US set to dominate the market over the next few years as its involvement in international conflicts increases.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • A snapshot of spending and modernisation patterns
  • A study of key markets in each region, including trends set to influence the market
  • Details of key programs expected to be executed between 2018 and 2029
  •  In-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, allowing for strategic planning

This report enables the reader to understand what drives the UAV market, and provides an insight into current and future trends worldwide. An analysis of the UAV over the next ten years will provide companies with key insights and a competitive edge in a thriving and ever-changing market. The Global Military UAV Market 2019–2029 provides key data to inform critical decisions in the military market.

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