US aircraft maker Aerion Supersonic has selected GKN Aerospace to support the preliminary design phase of AS2 supersonic business jet.

Under the contract, GKN Aerospace will design the empennage and the electrical wiring and interconnection systems (EWIS) for the supersonic jet.

Design works are currently ongoing on-site at Aerion in Reno, Nevada, and GKN Aerospace’s engineering centres in the Netherlands and Romania.

GKN Aerospace ASEA CEO John Pritchard said: “We are excited to collaborate with Aerion and to support the preliminary design phase of this all-new supersonic AS2 business jet.

“As technology leaders in both electrical wiring interconnect systems (EWIS) and business jet empennages, we can bring unrivalled knowledge and expertise to the project.”

In addition, Aernnova has been selected to design and develop the mid-fuselage for the jet.

Scheduled for flight testing in 2024, Aerion’s AS2 supersonic business jet is designed to carry 12 passengers. It is the first-ever privately built commercial aircraft.

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The aircraft is supported by Boeing and powered by GE Aviation-built first civil supersonic engine Affinity. It is designed without an afterburner, accepts 100% biofuels, and is carbon-neutral.

AS2 is being developed to be able to cruise at supersonic speeds of up to Mach 1.4. The company is working on obtaining approval from certifying authorities for this cruise capability.

Earlier this year, Aerion partnered with Boeing for the development of the AS2.

GKN Aerospace specialises in developing a wide range of advanced aerospace systems and technologies.