Phenom 300E is an enhanced, long-range business jet developed by Embraer to offer improved flight performance and enhanced passenger comfort.

The business jet is the most advanced version of the Phenom 300 series, which entered the light jet segment in 2009. It also inherits the Embraer DNA Design, which was initially launched in larger jets, including Legacy 450 and Legacy 500.

The aircraft is the fastest and longest-range single-pilot jet in the business aircraft category. It is capable of flying at a maximum speed of Mach 0.80.

The Phenom 300E jet was unveiled at the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas, US, in October 2017. The aircraft entered service in March 2018.

The business jet received triple certification from the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC), European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in March 2020.

A further enhanced version of the Phenom 300E with a speed of Mach 0.80 was announced in January 2020.

Orders and deliveries of Embraer’s new business jet

Embraer delivered its first Phenom 300E aircraft to Northern Escape Collection in June 2018. It is operated by Avcair on behalf of Northern Escape Collection.

Special Mining Services in Australia received a Phenom 300E in February 2019. The aircraft is based in Sydney and is operated by Flight Options. It can be used for domestic and international charter flights upon CASA approval.

Phenom 300E design and features

Embraer Phenom 300E has a length of 15.84m, a wingspan of 15.91m and a height of 5.10m. The total baggage and stowage volume is 2.38m3, while the maximum payload capacity is 1,196kg.

"The aircraft is the fastest and longest-range single-pilot jet in the business aircraft category."

The carbon fibre materials are used in the aircraft interior to reduce the overall weight. The interior also features sophisticated stitching design with piano-black colouring.

The business jet is installed with Gogo Avance L5 advanced technology with high-speed 4G in-flight internet to allow passengers to stream audio and video in addition to the traditional moving maps and flight information.

Embraer introduced the ground power mode (GPM) capability to the Phenom 300E aircraft for power independence during ground operations. The feature enables pilots to operate one of the engines in idle mode to power environmental, lighting and entertainment systems of the aircraft.

The aircraft also carries a single-point refuelling system, a predictive wind shear and an externally serviced lavatory.

Cockpit and avionics of Embraer Phenom 300E

The Phenom 300E business jet comes with an advanced cockpit, where the seat tracking has been increased by 40% to offer additional legroom for the pilot and co-pilot.

The aircraft is installed with advanced Prodigy Touch flight deck, which is based on Garmin 3000 avionics suite.

The flight deck features three 14.1in interchangeable displays with soft keys, which reduce the navigation time on menus.

The flight deck is also installed with FAA data communications, emergency descent mode, TOLD-integrated take-off and landing computer, ADS-B in and out, charts and maps, synthetic vision system (SVS), aircraft health analysis and diagnosis (AHEAD), SurfaceWatch, and a central maintenance computer (CMC) for quick fault location and isolation.

The enhanced aircraft is also equipped with runway overrun awareness and alerting system (ROAAS) to minimise landing overrun accidents.

Phenom 300E cabin details

Embraer Phenom 300E business jet comes with 5.23m-long Oval Lite oval-shaped cabin, which offers reduced noise, and significant headroom and aisle space.

The cabin offers seating for six passengers in standard configuration and can also be customised to accommodate a maximum of ten passengers, according to customer requirements.

The seats have an extendable headrest along with bolsters, retractable armrest, broader backs, and extendable leg rests. The seating layout includes a table, side ledge, sidewall, and valance design.

The cabin features iconic airstair and oversized windows, while its interiors can be customised with the optional Bossa Nova Edition, which was awarded the best interior design at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards in 2019.

The cabin is installed with nice® HD by Lufthansa Technik, a state-of-the-art cabin control system, which supports the integration of portable devices and enables wireless audio / video streaming.

Phenom 300E engines and performance

The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E1 engines, generating a maximum thrust of 3,478lb each.

It has a maximum cruise speed of 859km/h and a maximum range of 3,686km. The take-off distance is 978m, while the landing distance is 674m. The business jet can fly at altitudes of up to 13,716m.