The E-195 is a medium range passenger jetliner designed and developed by Embraer of Brazil. It is the largest aircraft in the Embraer E-Jet family. It is an extended version of the Embraer E-190 aircraft and is available in standard (STD), long range (LR) and advance range (AR) configurations.

The aircraft completed its maiden flight in December 2004 and entered service in September 2006. It was certified by the Brazilian Aviation Authority in June 2006. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certification was accredited in July 2006. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification was obtained in August 2007.

Orders and deliveries of the Embraer E-195

"The E-195 is a medium range passenger jetliner designed and developed by Embraer of Brazil."

Embraer received 145 firm orders plus 22 options for E-195 aircraft and delivered 129 aircraft as of March 2014.

Flybe is the launch customer for the E-195 and ordered 14 aircraft with 12 optional in June 2005. Deliveries began in September 2006.

Lufthansa CityLine ordered 30 E-195s in June 2007, of which five each were assigned to Air Dolomiti and Augsburg Airways.

Deliveries to Air Dolomiti began in January 2009 and were completed in May 2009. Augsburg Airways received the first E-195 in June 2009. Deliveries concluded in August 2009.

LOT Polish Airlines contracted Embraer in May 2010 to transform its current fleet of four Embraer 175s to E-195 jets. Deliveries began in April 2011.

Five additional E-195s were ordered by Azul Linhas in July 2010. Embraer was awarded a $497.5m contract by Azul Linhas in October 2011 to supply 11 additional E-195s. Air Dolomiti ordered five additional E-195 jets in September 2011.

In October 2013 Aurigny Air Services signed a firm contract with Embraer for one E195 jet to be delivered in the first half of 2014. Belavia Belarusian Airlines signed a contract with Embraer for two E195s in October 2013. The delivery of first E195 is scheduled for the first half of 2014.

Design of the medium range passenger jetliner

The Embraer E-195 is of low wing monoplane design. It was designed to operate both day and night in the domestic and international air routes. It can carry 12,971kg of fuel. The aircraft is equipped with a Parker Hannifin fuel system, tricycle type retractable landing gear and a Hamilton Sundstrand auxiliary power unit to provide the required electricity.

Flight deck on the Embraer E-195 commercial regional jet

The E-195 features an all digital flight deck which accommodates two crew members. The flight deck is equipped with a primary flight display, a multifunctional display, a multifunctional control display unit, a Honeywell Primus EPIC electronic flight instrumentation system and an audio control panel. It also houses a fly-by-wire electronic flight control system which minimises the workload of pilot by carrying out autopilot missions.

Other avionics installed include engine indicating and crew alerting system, integrated electronic standby system, cursor control device, air data computer, navigational compass, lights, engine panels and ram air turbine.

Cabin of the Brazilian aircraft

The double bubble fuselage design of the aircraft offers additional space and a high degree of comfort to passengers. The spacious cabin accommodates 108 to 124 passengers with a centre aisle and four abreast configuration.

Unlike conventional aircraft, the baggage space is provided beneath the passenger seating area.

The cabin is 28.17m long and 2.74m wide. Its height is 2m. The baggage volume of the cabin is 27.17m3.

Engines onboard

The E-195 is powered by two General Electric CF34-10E turbofan engines. Each engine can generate 89kN of maximum thrust. The engine is designed and built by General Electric Aviation.

"It is the largest aircraft in the Embraer E-Jet family. It is an extended version of the Embraer E-190."

It is equipped with full authority digital engine control (FADEC), wide-chord fan blade, a four stage lower pressure turbine, a single stage high pressure turbine, 14-stage high pressure compressor and an annual combustor.

The engine is 3.68m long and its diameter is 1.44m. The dry weight is 1,678kg.

The E-195 can climb at the rate of 17.76m/s. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 1,004km/h. The range is 2,593km for STD version, 3,334km for LR and 4,077km for AR version. The service ceiling is 12,500m. The take-off and landing distances of the aircraft are 2,179m and 1,282m respectively.