uAvionix Corporation, a firm involved in unmanned ADS-B technology, and Dronecode, a nonprofit organisation developing a shared open source platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will collaborate on advanced development in ADS-B sense and avoid functionality in ArduPilot-based drones.

Claimed to be the smallest and lightest ADS-B transponder for unmanned aircraft, Ping was developed by uAvionix to detect all types of aircraft threats within a 30 statute mile radius in real-time.

The micro air vehicle link-based (MAVLink) communication protocol across the ArduPilot / APM autopilot line offers plug-n-play integration of the uAvionix Ping transponder.

Under the collaboration, both companies will explore new opportunities and ways to combine their technical knowledge and creativity.

In order to guarantee development standardisation and interoperability, the partnership has formed three technical working groups, ArduPlane, ArduCopter and DroneCode.

"Being able to access the Dronecode application ecosystem will provide huge advancements in real-time sense and avoid behaviour."

uAvionix business development director Adam Paugh said: "Being able to access the Dronecode application ecosystem will provide huge advancements in real-time sense and avoid behaviour.

"This collaboration in open source ArduPilot-based development with standardised protocols such as MAVLink, will accelerate deployable solutions for agile and reliable operation in the national airspace."

An ppen source platform has been adopted by several organisations involved in the development of drone technology, including 3DRobotics, Parrot, Qualcomm, Intel, DroneDeploy, Yuneec and Airphrame.

The platform has more than 750,000 users and 500 active developers comprising UAV professionals and enthusiasts.

In December, uAvionix partnered with Draganfly Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trace Intelligent Systems, to improve drone safety with Ping ADS-B sense and avoid technology.

Under the partnership, uAvionix’ Ping ADS-B receiver was integrated with Draganfly’s auto-pilot and Surveyor ground station, in a bid to enhance drone’s ability to detect full size aircraft and automatically avoid potential collision.

Image: uAvionix Ping installed on 3DR Solo quadcopter. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / uAvionix.