The BSAT-3c / JCSAT-110R broadcasting satellite, designed and built by Lockheed Martin for the Broadcasting Satellite System (B-SAT) and SKY Perfect JSAT, is now ready for service following on-orbit deployment.

The satellite is located at orbital location 110°E and will provide service for Japanese companies B-SAT and SKY Perfect JSAT, which jointly procured the satellite.

The satellite has an expected service life of 15-years and carries two independent Ku-band payloads, offering 12 direct broadcast channels and 12 fixed direct communication channels providing uplink and downlink coverage throughout Japan.

The BSAT-3c payload joins BSAT-3a and BSAT-3b to provide more than 120 million connections in Japan with BS digital broadcasting programmes.

Lockheed Martin is currently building JCSAT-13, having previously built JCSAT-9 through JCSAT-12 and JCSAT-110 for SKY Perfect JSAT.