The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has signed a declaration of cooperation with the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) to work jointly for the promotion of alternative aviation fuels.

Signed by FAA Executive International Affairs director Carey Fagan and AESA director Isabel Maestre Moreno, the declaration will see both parties advancing the promotion, development and use of sustainable alternative aviation fuels in the US and Spain.

The declaration is aimed at exchanging ideas, information, skills and techniques and working on issues and projects of mutual interest with regard to the development and use of sustainable alternative aviation fuels.

The key areas of partnership include exchanging research data, publications, funded research and development activities, as well as the best practices in alternative jet fuel conversion R&D and deployment.

In addition, the declaration will allow the FAA’s Office of Environment and Energy and AESA to look into possibilities for cooperation in other aspects such as researching the lifecycle effects from alternative fuel emissions on the atmosphere, and research leading to cost reductions in the production of alternative aviation fuels.

Department of Transportation deputy secretary John Porcari said that the US is committed to making aviation as clean and energy efficient as possible, as part of its NextGen air traffic modernisation goals.

"Spain also has an ambitious and innovative alternative jet fuels R&D programme, the involvement of all the key stakeholders, and the agricultural resources to support aviation biofuel production," Porcari said.

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"This declaration of cooperation will enable us to better share and exchange ideas and best practices to attain our goals," he added.

Image: The declaration calls for the US and Spain to collaborate on problems and projects of mutual interest in the development and use of sustainable alternative aviation fuels. Photo: file image.


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