Airbus Group

European aeronautics company EADS has been rebranded as Airbus Group, in a move that combines all the firm’s activities in a single brand.

The group has also renamed two of its three divisions. It now comprises Airbus, engaged in commercial aircraft activities; Airbus Defence and Space, integrating the group’s defence and space activities from Cassidian, Astrium, and Airbus Military; and Airbus Helicopters, comprising all commercial and military helicopter activities.

Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders said: "Joining forces under the strong Airbus brand gives all our operations and employees the thrust and lift to capture global markets."

Meanwhile, the group is launching procedures to convert the legal form of its holding by 2015.

Once renamed, Airbus Group NV shall turn into a European Company, while Airbus Group SE will continue to be registered in the Netherlands.

However, the legal conversion will not have any impact on the organisation or operations of the group.

"We are a pioneer for European industrial integration," Enders added. "It is a logical step and high time that our multinational culture is also mirrored in our legal structure."

Both the legal name change and conversion of legal form are subject to approval of the annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders.

The adoption of the new name expected at the AGM in May, with the legal conversion targeted for approval in May 2015.

Image: EADS has united all its activities under one brand, Airbus Group. Photo: courtesy of Airbus Group.

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