Bombardier Business Aircraft has completed a biofuel-powered flight using its demonstration fleet that includes a Learjet 75, Challenger 350, Challenger 650 and Global 6000 aircraft.

Taking off from KLM Jet Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland, the flight used biofuel produced by AltAir Fuels.

SkyNRG and AEG Fuels have supplied the biofuel to KLM Jet Centre, which performed the refuelling.

AEG Fuels general aviation executive vice-president Greg Cox said: “We are taking the right steps in the development of a rapidly growing renewable fuel business.

“These sustainable fuels are produced from renewable resources and are considered 'drop-in' fuels that blend with traditional fossil fuels without any equipment changes.

“We are taking the right steps in the development of a rapidly growing renewable fuel business."

“The change to biofuels reduces carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in less pollution.”

AEG Fuels currently offers aviation jet fuel and related services through a network of more than 2,700 fuelling locations worldwide.

Bombardier Business Aircraft customer experiencevice-president and general managerJean-Christophe Gallagher said: “These biofuel-powered flights further demonstrate Bombardier Business Aircraft’s commitment to sustainability as an integral part of how it conducts its business.

“Ensuring and demonstrating that our products are capable and ready to support industry objectives on emissions reductions is an important part of this commitment.”

Prior to the latest flight, Bombardier Business Aircraft completed another biofuel-powered flight from Los Angeles International Airport, US.

The company has used its demonstration aircraft fleet to complete the flight.