Technical professional services firm Jacobs has secured a contract extension to Johnson Space Centre Engineering, Technology and Science (JETS).

The extension is a two-year option with a potential value of $478.40m, bringing the total value to $1.934bn.

The option begins on 1 May and covers the period of performance through 30 April 2022.

The contract extension will allow Jacobs to continue providing critical support to Nasa Johnson Space Centre’s (JSC) Engineering Directorate and Exploration, Integration, and Science Directorate.

Jacobs will support Nasa’s Artemis programme with services such as integrated engineering design, testing, verification.

Nasa’s Artemis programme aims to land humans on the Moon by 2024 and then prepare for a mission to Mars.

Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions senior vice-president Steve Arnette said: “As Nasa’s largest services provider, Jacobs welcomes the opportunity to continue our nearly 20-year relationship with the Johnson Space Centre.

“This contract extension allows us to continue to support Nasa’s Artemis moon mission, providing critical integrated engineering and science support ensuring mission success in reaching the moon by 2024.

“Additionally, Jacobs will continue to be a trusted partner to Nasa providing advanced solutions, R&D, scientific and technical solutions that enhance our collective goal of creating a more connected, sustainable world.”

The extension will see Jacobs supporting the Orion Crew Capsule, the new Gateway orbital outpost and a new generation spacesuit.

It will continue to support the International Space Station, commercial cargo missions, on-orbit operations, and the commercial crew program efforts.

It will also support various science programmes such as astromaterials curation, planetary science research, orbital debris mitigation, and more.