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Three major US airlines have temporarily suspended all flights to China as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Delta, American Airlines and United have all issued notices about the suspension.

American Airlines has cited the US State Department’s updated travel advisory for the suspension, which comes into effect from 2 February to 28 March 2020.

The carrier has suspended all mainland China flights including Hong Kong service. The action follows after the American Airlines pilots’ union sued the carrier to end the service.

Delta also intends to temporarily suspend all flights between the US to China from 6 February until 30 April 30. The carrier will operate its last flight from China on 5 February.

Meanwhile, Delta is open to implement adjustments depending on the situation. The airline runs 42 weekly flights between the US and China.

It also has a daily service connecting Beijing and Detroit and Seattle, and Shanghai and Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles and Seattle.

United has suspended operations to three mainland China cities, namely Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. This will be in effect as of 6 February through 28 March.

United will operate one flight a day from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

Several US airlines and many other carriers have also followed suit.

In addition to these, the New Zealand Government has ordered for temporary entry restrictions on all foreign nationals travelling from or transiting through mainland China.

The restriction will be effective from 3 February for up to 14 days, depending on the situation.

The coronavirus affects the respiratory tract and causes illnesses such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

The death toll in Hubei has increased to 362, including one in the Philippines. The total cases have risen to 17,386.

Last week, the governments of Italy and Israel suspended all incoming flights from China to limit the spread of the coronavirus.