Global satellite operator Inmarsat is set to introduce a pair of new satellite payloads to the Arctic region in partnership with Space Norway and its subsidiary Space Norway HEOSAT.

The new Global Xpress (GX) payloads (GX10A & 10B) provide both commercial and government users with reliable high-speed mobile broadband services worldwide.

The latest announcement comes after Inmarsat’s decision to invest in three new GX satellites (GX7, 8 and 9), which will be built by Airbus Defence and Space. The new payloads are part of GX’s transformation to further expand capabilities, along with the three new satellites.

For commercial markets, the GX Arctic payloads are specially designed for merchant fleets, commercial airlines and the energy market, where high-speed mobile broadband connectivity enables both major operational and efficiency improvements.

The GX payloads will provide assured communications to tactical and strategic government users operating in the Arctic region, including the US, Canada, Scandinavia and other Arctic region customers.

Importantly these payloads will also provide KA Gov steerable capacity through service beams and steerable beams for optimal redundancy, protection, scalability and global portability.

Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce said: “Connectivity in the Arctic region is growing in importance as aircraft fly more northerly routes, merchant ships transit new high-value waterways and the region becomes of increasing geopolitical importance for diverse governments.

“Inmarsat’s GX network will always seek to be ahead of where our customers are going and what they demand from us.”

Expected to be launched in 2022, the new GX payloads will be fully compatible with current and planned GX network and user terminals.