GE Aviation has acquired an ownership interest in Avionica for an undisclosed sum, establishing a new joint venture (JV).

The JV will enable the companies to enhance edge processing and wireless connectivity to maximise the value of aircraft data.

Using internet technologies, it aims to improve the flow of aircraft flight data, as well as enhance its speed and size.

Avionica’s flight data management solutions such as Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite connectivity will be integrated with GE Aviation’s analytics expertise and digital products. This aims to provide advanced flight analytics, aircraft health management and flight operation information.

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“The flow of rich and continuous data provides insights into asset condition that were not previously possible.”

Solutions from both companies will be available with existing certifications for more than 300 aircraft models developed by Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, HondaJet, and Cessna, as well as Thrush agriculture aircraft.

GE Aviation chief digital officer John Mansfield said: “We are determined to take aerospace data usage, related product delivery and customer support to the next level.

“Our customers increasingly require a lightweight solution for data flow to and from their fleet.

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“The flow of rich and continuous data provides insights into asset condition that were not previously possible.”

Avionica’s satellite and cellular wireless technologies are designed to support the transfer of both small and large flight data sets across the globe.

In a separate development, GE Aviation entered an agreement with ARINCDirect to work together to provide flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) services based on GE Aviation’s C-FOQA Centerline service.

The partnership will provide data integration between C-FOQA Centerline and ARINCDirect’s existing services to make FOQA data available during the flight planning process.