Etihad Aviation Group has unveiled a new plan to reorganise its organisational and operational structures in a bid to reduce loss.

Under the new plan, Etihad will be reorganised into seven separate business units, including Operations, Commercial, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO), Human Resources, Finance, Support Services and Transformation. This is expected to improve Etihad’s turn around performance.

All seven units will report to a new team led by Etihad Aviation Group CEO Tony Douglas, who commenced his role in January. He will also assume responsibility for Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways current CEO Peter Baumgartner will stand down and serve as the senior strategic adviser to Douglas.

“We are now well equipped to deliver our plans as a reinvigorated innovator brand with an optimised and profitable network.”

The reorganisation will also see Etihad Airways Commercial executive vice-president Mohammad Al Bulookibeing promoted to chief operating officer of the airline.

Douglas said: “We are now well equipped to deliver our plans as a reinvigorated innovator brand, with an optimised and profitable network, technologically advanced fleet, and a strengthened position as the global airline of choice, run by a seasoned team of talented professionals.

“The fact that almost half of our leadership team are UAE nationals reflects our strong succession planning efforts and commitment to developing Emirati talent.

“We are already seeing positive results even during this early phase of our transformation. The eventual aim of this process is for Etihad to be in the best shape to ensure its long-term sustainability, enabling it to meet the challenges of an aviation industry in constant flux.”