Aerospace and defence company Boeing has reportedly said that it is working on a handheld wand to sanitise cockpits and cabins.

The development is part of the aircraft manufacturer’s efforts to disinfect aircraft to address airline workers concerns and restore passenger confidence.

A number of cleaning methods and practices are currently being implemented by several airlines to sanitise flight deck surfaces and controls, as well as cabin surfaces, to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Many airlines are also using electrostatic disinfectants and anti-microbial spray.

These chemical substances could damage sensitive electronic equipment on the aircraft, Reuters reported citing Boeing ecoDemonstrator programme chief engineer Rae Lutters.

Designed to emit ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses, Boeing’s wand is expected to remove the use of alcohol or other disinfectants.

The company is planning to license the technology and subsequently recruit third-party firms for commercial production later this year.

It has been collaborating with 13 airlines on the development of the technology.

Boeing technical fellow Kevin Callahan, who leads the testing of the wand prototype, was quoted as saying that there is ‘very strong interest’ as carriers plan to restart full-fledged operations as the pandemic recedes.

In April, Delta Air Lines revealed details of new cleaning procedures of its aircraft cabins as it plans to welcome flyers amid the Covid-19.

The US carrier introduced interior, overnight fogging to disinfect aircraft.

The same month, private jet charter company Set Jet became the first company to perform free Covid-19 antibody indicator testing of its members.