AVIC Shenyang Commercial Aircraft Corporation (SACC) has been selected to produce the main deck cargo door for Sine Draco Aviation Development’s prototype A321 passenger to freighter conversion (A321-200 SDF).

Under this contract, AVIC SACC will also be responsible for developing the surround and reinforcement structure for the next-generation freighter.

The company will install a 142in-wide, 86in-high main deck cargo door and a Class E main deck cargo compartment with 14 88in x 125in container positions.

The lower cargo compartments will also be designed to accommodate ten containers.

AVIC SACC will use advanced manufacturing techniques and processes to manufacture complex structural elements need for these components.

SACC chairman Deng Yudong said: “The A321-200 passenger to freighter conversion project is full of promises. SACC will work with Sine Draco to ensure the success of the project and build a great foundation for future cooperation.”

AVIC SACC is a subsidiary of state-owned aircraft manufacturer Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

Sine Draco expects to receive approval for its A321-200 SDF from the US Federal Aviation Administration in the first quarter of 2022.

According to information posted on the Sine Draco website, passenger to freighter conversion is planned to commence in mid-2021 while completion is scheduled for later this year. ​

Sine Draco chief executive officer Alex Deriugin said: “The selection and partnership with Shenyang Commercial Aircraft Corporation demonstrates the great confidence Sine Draco has in SACC’s commitment to world-class aerospace manufacturing.”