Flag carrier and Lufthansa Group subsidiary Austrian Airlines has provided an update to the fleet adjustment plan revealed early last year.

The downsizing is currently underway and being implemented in response to the lower-than-predicted travel demand amid the current wave of Covid-19 infections.

As part of the adjustment, Austrian is retiring its entire Dash Turboprops fleet of 18 aircraft. The remaining eight units will also be removed from service at the end of March.

The carrier is also in the process of reducing the B767 fleet from six to three jets and expects to complete later this year.

Furthermore, Austrian Airlines plans to remove one A319 from the fleet every month starting this summer and will eventually phase out the seven jets by early next year.

Once the fleet adjustment is complete, the carrier will have around 60 aircraft in its fleet by the beginning of 2022 instead of 80.

Austrian Airlines COO Jens Ritter said: “Like all airlines, Austrian will be a smaller airline after the pandemic. The winner of the crisis will be whoever can adapt to the New Normal with the greatest possible flexibility.”

The company is also exploring additional measures to further secure short-term liquidity and earnings strength in the medium-term.

It also noted that the short-term prospects look gloomy and expects a market recovery from this summer.