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Aerospace start-ups accelerator Airbus BizLab has been invited to support a start-up crowdsourcing platform amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Named as, the online platform is created by venture client service provider 27pilots. 

The platform seeks to provide companies with practical support to address the challenges being faced, either big or small, in an orderly way, according to Airbus. 

Airbus global head BizLab Christian Lindener said: “At BizLab, we aim to deliver cost savings and develop new revenue streams by integrating the best of the start-up model into Airbus. 

“By supporting this initiative, BizLab contributes to business continuity and evolving business models. Relevant solutions proposed through this initiative could also be adopted by Airbus. 

“In addition, BizLab has accelerated more than 140 projects worldwide, so our start-ups are capable of proposing practical solutions.”

The platform aims to reduce the economic impact of the pandemic by enabling start-ups across the globe to come up with solutions that can be marketed rapidly and effectively, explained Airbus.

Companies can post coronavirus induced challenges being encountered by them such as ensuring more stable supply chains or staff planning. 

They can also come up with solutions that address the challenges or other problems. 

Earlier this month, Airbus temporarily halted operations at two of its facilities in Germany and its one facility in Alabama, US, in the wake of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Commercial aircraft production and assembly activity are suspended at its site in Breman from 6 to 27 April.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus stood at 1,850,527 globally, while death toll reached 114,245.