Three organisations have called on the UK Government to implement an aviation and aerospace recovery plan amid new flight travel bans.

ADS, Airlines UK, and the Airport Operators Association (AOA) represent UK airlines, airports and aircraft manufacturers.

Earlier this week, the UK Government temporarily suspended all travel corridors to prevent and protect citizens from the risks of unidentified new strains of Covid-19.

The organisations are asking the governement for additional measures, including financial support for affected companies.

They are also demanding relief from levies, duties and charges.

ADS chief executive Paul Everitt said: “Aviation and aerospace are among the worst affected sectors from this ongoing crisis, and any signs of recovery have been thrown into reverse by new restrictions on travel.

“Many companies now need specific support measures to survive and to avoid putting thousands more jobs at risk.

“In the long term, reaching our Jet Zero ambitions depend on a robust UK aerospace industry investing heavily in new technology, supported by the government.

“To achieve a strong overall economic recovery from this crisis the UK must sustain aviation and aerospace industries that connect us to global trading partners and provide vital jobs in every part of the country.”

During this month, flight volumes in the UK reduced to nearly 80% when compared with the same period in 2019.

UK airlines have reported 30,000 job losses due to the coronavirus while the country’s aerospace manufacturing has seen 15,000 job losses due to the impact of the pandemic.