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flight simulation deviceAt Fidelity Flight Simulation Incorporated (F2Si), our mission is to manufacture affordable, highly dynamic simulation devices across the training industry, delivering exceptional product quality coupled with our superior customer service.  F2Si specialises in tailor-made fixed-wing and rotorcraft flight simulation and training equipment.

Products include advanced aircraft and flight training devices (ATD / FTD), cockpit procedural trainers (CPT), flight navigation and procedures trainers (FNPT I / FNPTII), as well as reconfigurable and multi-aircraft systems. F2Si offers mobile trainers, cockpit instrumentation and components, linked and collective equipment, and virtual-reality (VR) tools.

Customised flight simulation devices for aircraft training

F2Si simulation devices feature modifiable options such as an instructor-operator station (IOS) with combined voice and video communication, a fully dynamic weather atmospheric control system, universal terrain database, and customised high-definition (HD) airports, cities and critical locations.

Simulators also comprise after-action review and playback capabilities, training session video and data recording, as well as scenario development and integration.

Devices have motion systems such as sound-based vibration cues, motion seats and cueing actuators, along with six full degree of freedom (DoF) platforms.

Visual equipment includes liquid crystal display (LCD) mosaic walls, single and multi-projector systems, collimated visual screens, and night-vision goggle (NVG) capabilities. They also have fly-by-wire and mechanically linked controls, in addition to fully configurable, dynamic control loading systems.

F2Si’s special mission equipment package includes spotlights, external and FLIR cameras, weapon systems, and sling-load and hoist capabilities.

Flexible type-specific training devices

F2Si’s type-specific devices offer advanced training capabilities such as high-value cockpit procedural training, emergency preparation, navigation, advanced flight manoeuvre assistance, instrument training, and crew resource aids.

Customised options of F2Si’s aircraft simulators include multiple visual system options, advanced glass cockpit avionics packages, full cockpit replication, an open flight deck or enclosed cockpit, and NVG capabilities. Tailored options comprise integrated IOS, a HD global terrain database, dynamic control loading, reconfigurable controls, motion cueing, and six DoF motion platforms.

Individual simulator components for flight training

F2Si provides individual simulator parts to match all aircraft types, models, and certifications.

The company produces instrument control panels (ICP), intercom system panels (ICP), autopilot mode selectors (APMS), as well as caution advisory, navigation and primary flight displays.

Other available components are reconfiguration control units (RCU), vehicle and engine monitoring displays (VEMD), video display units (VDU), circuit breaker and annunciator panels, flight controls, and wet compasses.

Parts are designed as line replaceable units (LRUs) with quick disconnection options for efficient replacement or maintenance. Flight-quality controls are used to withstand the demanding conditions encountered in intensive flight-training simulation environments.

Components support a variety of communication protocols such as RS232, RS485, RS422, ARINC 429, CAN, and ethernet. Discrete components and options for NVG backlighting are also available.

Reconfigurable training systems for the aviation industry

F2Si’s reconfigurable training device (RTD) is designed and manufactured to meet important aircraft configurations.

Key RTD elements include interchangeable main instrument panels (MIP), with an optional glass cockpit, while interchangeable switch panels and single to multiple screen visuals are available on request.

Training device features also include:

  • Standard and custom avionics packages
  • Yoke variations
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) switches and knobs
  • Throttle variations to support single, dual and jet engines
  • Single and two seat variations
  • Several rotorcraft options
  • Quality aerodynamics
  • Advanced aircraft training device (AATD) certification available upon request

The rugged system is available as a desktop-only option, where several parts can be purchased separately, or as a complete system, which includes all components necessary to complete AATD-accredited training.

The system’s hardware is of the highest quality to prevent interruptions, while it is easily transportable.

Garmin-integrated mobile training stations

Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station (MTS) features a small desktop configuration, which collapses into a compact carrying case.

G1000 MTS has Garmin-integrated GFC-700 autopilot controls, including navigation, approach, altitude, vertical speed, and flight level change. GFC-700 comprises high-end vertical navigation capabilities, along with control wheel steering and go-around commands.

The MTS has a laptop computer and highly effective flight simulation software. The computer can be placed on top of the primary flight display to serve as an external display or instructor interface. A worldwide topographical, airport, and navigational aid (NAVAID) database is provided.

G1000 MTS is networkable and can be controlled through one instructor station.

About Fidelity Flight Simulation Incorporated

F2Si specialises in fabricating simulation devices with replicated vehicle systems, avionics, navigation equipment, and flight dynamics modelling with or without OEM data.

Engineering staff are skilled in electrical, software, mechanical and aerodynamic fields, contributing their expertise to the multitude of systems and subsystems to develop an innovative simulation device.

Team members have a thorough understanding of products, using robust management software and project management methods to carry out optimised statistical analysis.

F2Si has worked with major providers of avionics flight decks such as Universal, Rockwell Collins, Garmin, and Honeywell, as well as private industry customers, militaries, and governments.

The company delivers high-quality training solutions to pilots and students, while it has designed and built devices for major manufacturers such as Cessna, Cirrus, Airbus, Beechcraft, Piper, Bell, Lockheed Martin, and Quest.

F2Si offers a quality customer service that is easily accessible and efficient.

F2Si was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, in 2000. The company is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Transport Canada Civil Aviation.

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Press Release

F2Si Enters Long-Term Agreement to Develop Cessna 172S Level 5, 6, and 7 FTDs

Fidelity Flight Simulation Incorporated (F2Si) and TRU Simulation + Training have entered a long-term agreement to develop and deliver ten Cessna 172S flight training devices (FTDs) at Levels 5, 6 or 7.

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Cessna Citation Ultra

F2Si designed and manufactured the Cessna Citation Ultra (CE-560) business jet training device with Full Motion to provide flight crew training replicating the aircraft in normal, abnormal, emergency, and failure scenarios.

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Press Release

7 November 2019

Fidelity Flight Simulation Incorporated (F2Si) and TRU Simulation + Training have entered a long-term agreement to develop and deliver ten Cessna 172S flight training devices (FTDs) at Levels 5, 6 or 7.

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