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Imagine an advisor that knows the technicalities in aviation safety and understands what it means to be value-adding. Great Circle Services may provide you with both, anytime and anywhere. Fully dedicated to the aviation industry, GCS offers a variety of customized solutions for aircraft operators and suppliers.

Yes, safety is an important aspect within the (risk) management of a company, is strictly statutory supervised and it ultimately has a direct effect on your corporate or even personal reputation. With a small team of experienced aviation professionals we offer advanced practical advice as well as quality audit and training support. It is our sincere goal to grant you the benefits of our network of specialists and thus increase your company leverage, and therefore competitive advantage.

Auditing and training services for the aviation industry

Our auditors and trainers supported numerous customers in their auditing and training needs. Our services are available in the field of operations and maintenance, mainly as experts concerning quality and the safety management system.

Our aviation experts cover the following specialist areas:

  • Operational quality and safety standards (IOSA and IS-BAO)
  • Airworthiness and maintenance
  • Human factors
  • Quality and safety management
  • Accident / incident investigation
  • Operations and continuing airworthiness management
  • Crew resource management
  • SAFA awareness and initial training courses courses

Accountable manager and postholder training courses

GCS is the leader in AOC management training; including accountable manager, nominated postholder flight operations / ground operations / crew training / maintenance systems (continuing airworthiness manager).

Consulting and management services for the aviation industry

In times of peak demand, it is necessary to have sufficient manpower capacity available. Our specialists and interim-managers are at your disposal to support you in establishing and maintaining the fundamentals of an approved organisation which include "organisation, management and supervision" of your company, to demonstrate regulatory compliance, and to support your efforts to constantly improve the services of your products and services.

We offer:

  • Air operator and CAMO certification
  • Quality and safety management
  • Ad interim management support
  • Development and revision of company manuals and internal / external technical documentation such as OM, CAME, ERP/ERM, CSPM and IS-BAO

Whenever you look for a safety advisor understanding your needs and equipped to respond to your enquiries then please do not hesitate in talking to us. Michael Grueninger, MBA, BA as well as type-rated airline transport pilot, is happy to get in touch with you.

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