Aerosure Specialist Aerospace Insurance Brokers and Risk Management Services

Aerosure specialises in arranging insurance throughout the aerospace industry. Our sole focus is meeting the insurances and risk needs of customers in the aviation sector, and we provide a comprehensive range of products for these demands.

Our client-base includes:

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Operators of commercial aircraft
  • Flying schools
  • Manufacturers
  • Governments and regulators
  • Refuellers

Customised aviation insurance solutions

We guarantee that our clients are covered for every possible risk. Should there not be a solution readily available for a particular risk identified, we will work with our insurers and create one.

We are constantly striving to provide the best possible service, overcoming whatever obstacles present themselves. We have a reputation as being the leader in definition and delivery of aviation insurance solutions.

Aerospace insurance and risk products

Our principle purpose is to serve the insurance needs and cover risks for the aerospace sector, which makes us unique as no other broker is dedicated purely in this one area.

You will not find another Australasian broker that is as prominent as us in the worldwide aerospace insurance market, or keeps such a close eye on the latest developments in this niche area.

We provide a comprehensive range of risk and insurance products to ensure that we can supply solutions for whatever our customers require. We are always working on ways to develop our services and ensure that every client need is met.

Aerosure’s commitment to the long-term position of our clients has driven us to grow market capacity, leading to more competitive premiums, broader levels of policy coverage and higher levels of confidence within the aviation industry.

Strong working relationships with aviation clients

We form strong working relationships with our clients, which has helped us increase our market share, increased the amount of policy coverage and boosted the confidence of those operating in the aerospace sector.

In addition, our desire to make a positive difference to the aviation industry is furthered through our active membership in the following organisations:

  • Australian Airports Association
  • The Aviation Law Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • The Association of South Pacific Airlines
  • The Regional Aviation Association of Australia

Willis, global insurance and risk management partner

Aerosure enjoys a close relationship with its global partner Willis. Willis is at the forefront of worldwide risk management and insurance solutions, with an extensive range of services provided for all industries. We collaborate closely with Willis and its services are always there should any of our customers need them
Willis Aerospace, the company’s aviation division, is the world’s largest broker in aviation insurance.

Willis Aerospace provides its expertise to:

  • More than 290 airlines
  • In excess of 150 major manufacturers
  • More than 200 airports and air traffic controllers
  • 40 organisations in the space sector

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