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Spike Aerospace’s new supersonic jet to feature windowless passenger cabins

17 February 2014

Spike Aerospace

Spike Aerospace is planning to incorporate a new aircraft design feature, a windowless passenger cabin, into its Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet.

The interior walls of the aircraft will be covered with a thin display screens that will be embedded into the wall.

Spike is also installing cameras on the entire aircraft in order to construct panoramic views on the cabin screens.

Passengers will be able to dim the screens or change them to one of the many scenic images stored in the system.

Aircraft windows have been causing several challenges in the design and construction of the fuselage, and require addition structural support.

In addition, windows add to the parts count, increase aircraft weight, and until recently, it has
not been possible to do without them.

"Passengers will be able to dim the screens or change them to one of the many scenic images stored in the system."

According to Spike Aerospace, the new micro-cameras and flat displays have the ability to eliminate the structural issues with windows, as well as reduce the aircraft weight.

The smooth exterior skin of the new cabins will also lower the drag normally caused by having windows.

Spike's new supersonic jet design already includes several technologies, including composite material, advanced avionics and propulsion system.

The company recently launched a 30-day crowd-funding campaign to advance the next design phase of the Spike S-512.

The development follows the completion of the project's first design phase.

Image: The new windowless cabins will lower the aircraft drag and improves efficiency. Photo: courtesy of Spike Aerospace, Inc.

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