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The 328 Group provides a wide range of services to the aircraft industry. The group employs more than 220 aviation experts who support more than 200 aircraft worldwide.

Maintenance and cabin interior services

328SSG is the Type Certificate holder of the Dornier 328 and provides worldwide support for the 328 fleet, covering spares, technical issues, technical publications and other customer support as required.

328SSG also provides maintenance and cabin interior solutions.

The company's services include specific mid-size jet aircraft maintenance, base and line, avionics installation, refurbishment, Part-M services, parts manufacture through its Part 21G approved production organisation (C1, C2, and D1 rating) and bespoke VIP interiors, including avionic and IFE upgrades.

328DO is a level one design organisation similar to Airbus, Dassault, ATR, or any other aircraft manufacturer. It can support 328SSG during manufacturing, maintenance, continued airworthiness and other issues within the scope of their portfolio, and employs more than 40 people.

It is approved to work on all types of large and small aircraft, as well as helicopters, and is the holder of nearly 200 STCs on many different types of aircraft.

Aircraft interior conversions and renovations

In addition to operational support, the company offers customised aircraft VIP conversions for the Do328 and other aircraft.

328 can support all types of aircraft, including the Falcon Dassault, Legacy Embraer and Challenger Bombardier.

The company also works with major completion centres on jumbo jets up to the Airbus A380 and can provide one-off monuments, interior renovation, or furniture refurbishment, on a large range of executive and commercial aircraft.

Customised aircraft interiors

Working with UK-based CTM Design, 328SSG is a one-stop-shop for interiors, combining innovative engineering and creative design with traditional craftsmanship to provide high-quality, customised solutions.

Since the launch of the 328DBJ in 2010, 328SSG has supplied business jets with maximum space, ultimate comfort and the very latest in entertainment and communications.

This is why other aircraft manufacturers and second-hand aircraft owners are looking to Bavaria to freshen up a tired interior with a cabin refurbishment or a completely new interior.

Airbus 340 VVIP galleys, Boeing 737 parts and Dornier 228 avionics racks are all part of the portfolio.

In August 2013, 328SSG became an approved EASA Training provider, with approximately ten employees. The company offers both initial and recurrent training for Dornier 328 aircraft for B1 and B2 certifying staff.

328SSG has also announced a major upgrade of Dornier 328 avionics system. The company started a major cockpit upgrade programme for the aircraft, which is expected to be certified by EASA and the US FAA by late 2016.

Aviation maintenance and spare parts

Since its inception, the Dornier 328 has been a popular aircraft with operators, passengers and spotters alike. The Dornier 328 makes an excellent special missions platform, with many customers flying air ambulance, coast watch and border guard / drug control missions.

Available as a turboprop or a jet, the aircraft is admired for its modern cockpit and German design. It can fly in a number of configurations worldwide, including:

  • VIP
  • 19 pax executive
  • 32 pax airliner
  • Air ambulance / medevac
  • Coast watch / border control

328SSG has a large inventory of parts to support the 200-strong fleet in operation. With vendor support, liaison on issues such as upgrade modifications and parts obsolescence, and proprietary parts manufactured on-site, the company will support operators for many years to come.

Aviation approvals and facilities

328SSG has the following approvals and facilities:

  • Type Certificate holder for the Dornier 328 Turboprop and 328JET
  • Production approval part 21G and DE21.G, covering all aircraft types
  • Maintenance approval part DE.145.0208
  • 328SSG works with design organisations 328Design, 21J approval No. EASA.21J.438 covering all aircraft types
  • FAA repair station approval 8000-4
  • EASA Training organisation (approval No. DE.147.0021)
  • Other approvals worldwide from various authorities. Please see the company website for more details

Please contact the sales team to discuss tailor-made solutions for yacht, helicopter or aircraft interior needs.

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