Canada’s 4 Wing Cold Lake fighter base will get the country’s first bird radar unit, to carry out the development of the base’s airport bird-hazard risk assessment process (ABRAP).

Accipiter Radar will supply and install an avian radar for the Cold Lake base, under a contract with the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND).

4 Wing Cold Lake will develop an ABRAP, in accordance with Transport Canada guidance, to reduce the threat of bird strikes to aviation safety, ensure sustainability of the area’s wildlife habitat, and assess risks associated with encroaching development.

The radar system, which has been contracted to Falcon Environmental Service (FES), will also help the base in its future environmental studies.

The busiest fighter base in Canada, 4 Wing Cold Lake provides general-purpose, multirole, combat capable forces in support of domestic and international roles of Canada’s air force.

The 4 Wing base attracts top gun crews from all over the world in its annual air combat exercise, Maple Flag.