Boeing has stopped work on fuselages being built by Alenia Aeronautica for the new 787 Dreamliner after discovering production flaws.

Boeing spokeswoman Loretta Gunter said that stringers for the aircraft were being produced outside of Boeing specifications leading to microscopic wrinkles in the fuselage skin, AFP reports.

“Two areas on the fuselage need to be reinforced to provide the desired strength. These areas are accessible from the outside of the airplane and the reinforcement is relatively simple,” Gunter said.

“As we implement this change, we are not going to produce any new barrels until there is an engineering change that will keep the subsequent units from needing to be modified.”

Stringers are structures used to reinforce the fuselage.

Gunter said that a solution had been designed and patches would be applied to all the planes built so far.

The announcement that work on the fuselage had been stopped, was released on the exact same day as Boeing issued a statement announcing that the side of the aircraft would have to be reinforced, the fifth delay thus far to the launch of the Dreamliner 787 aircraft.