Bombardier’s Global Vision cockpit has successfully completed its first test flight on a Global Express XRS aircraft.

During the flight test, the aircraft touched an altitude of 17,000ft and airspeed of 343kt weighing 74,885lb at take-off.

The flight deck features Rockwell Collins’ new advanced avionics suite, Pro Line Fusion, which ensures interoperability between systems and overall increased efficiency.

The avionics suite includes four diagonal active matrix liquid crystal displays working together with a head-up guidance system, maps with graphical flight planning, controller-pilot datalink communication and a synthetic vision system.

It is also fitted with Bombardier enhanced vision system that offers improved situational awareness and the ability to observe runway lights and the environment in low visibility and darkness.

Once fully developed, the Global Vision flight deck will be incorporated into Bombardier’s Global 5000 and Global Express XRS jets.

The Global 5000 aircraft can carry eight passengers with a crew of three up to 5,200nm, while the Global Express XRS can carry eight passengers and four crew members at up to 5,450nm.