Triumph Group is supporting the final assembly and ground testing of the XB-1 demonstrator aircraft built by Boom Supersonic.

The company has delivered engine throttle control system components for the aircraft, which is scheduled to conduct its maiden flight next year.

The system was designed and produced by Triumph’s Geared and Mechanical Solutions operating company.

The throttle control system comprises of engine throttle gearbox, cockpit throttle quadrant, telescopic control assembly, hybrid cables and pressure bulkhead assembly.

The system’s preliminary design review initially commenced in November 2017, while the critical design review was completed this January.

Triumph Integrated Systems executive vice-president Frank Dubey said: “Triumph is proud to partner with Boom Supersonic as they advance supersonic commercial air travel.

“The delivery of the engine throttle control system demonstrates how Triumph works together with customers to develop new and innovative solutions that will advance the future of air travel.”

American start-up Boom Supersonic is also designing a fast commercial airliner called Overture. The airliner will have the capacity to accommodate 55 – 75 passengers and can travel at speeds Mach 2.2.

Expected to become commercially operational next year, 30 Overture aircraft are on pre-order, with Japan Airlines and Virgin Group set to be future operators.

The methods and tools being used to design Overture will be confirmed based on the results of XB-1’s test flights.

Boom Flight Control Systems lead Erin Young said: “After working with Triumph for almost two years on developing the engine throttle control system, it’s great to at last see this key component in our hangar and ready to deploy on XB-1.

“This part brings us one step closer to our goal of making the world dramatically more accessible.”