French aircraft equipment manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace has filed a patent that proposes a lower deck space to seat passengers, where luggage is currently stored.

Since the design will deprive passengers seated in the cargo deck the benefit of a window view, the company proposes to stream a video feed of outside.

It proposes installing a full length wall screen, which will display live footage captured by cameras fitted on the outside of the plane, instead of adding windows to the deck that would increase the weight of the plane.

Passengers will be able to see the outside view through the camera feeds during their flight. Passengers can opt to download an application for streaming outside images from their own personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Zodiac’s patent application was cited by Runway Girl Network: "Conventional passenger transport aircraft typically have a main deck cabin on the upper deck and a cargo area on the lower deck.

"Passengers will be able to see the outside view through the camera feeds during their flight."

"Research has indicated that an average of only about 37% of the cargo area is used nowadays.

"This may be because passengers are limiting their luggage due to increased costs and/or only bringing carry-ons.

"This is particularly the case in Europe when many aircraft are reconfigured for summer travel/shorter flights."

Under the new concept, vending machines might be installed within the cabin walls and the lower deck would be designed to house up to 110 passengers with a staircase at each end.

The lower cabin deck might also be used as a private lounge, bar or other areas for business and first-class travellers.

The founder of AeroPatent, a website that tracks newly published patent applications filed by aerospace companies noted that a lower-deck cabin is a smart idea, provided it secures regulatory approval.