US-based logistics service provider UPS Airlines has signed a deal with Boeing to purchase 14 747-8 freighters.   

The deal also includes an option to buy an additional of 14 cargo aeroplanes. Financial details have not been disclosed.

Offering freighter solutions to the cargo operators, the 747-8 aircraft enables 16% more revenue cargo volume than Boeing 747-400F aircraft, and reduces noise around an airport by 30% compared with its predecessor.

UPS Airlines president Brendan Canavan said: “These aircraft are a strategic investment for increased capacity for UPS customers around the globe.

“The 747-8 will allow UPS to upsize our network in both new and existing markets.”

The airline currently operates a fleet of 109 747-8 passenger and freighter jets worldwide.

“These aircraft are a strategic investment for increased capacity for UPS customers around the globe."


In its newly released biennial World Air Cargo Forecast, Boeing also projected that the air cargo traffic would grow at an annual rate of 4.2% over the next two decades.

According to the projection, a total of 930 new and 1,440 converted freighters will be required to meet market demand by 2035.

By 2035, the world air cargo fleet is estimated to expand by 70%, adding 2,370 freighters to the sector.

The demand includes 550 large production freighters, 380 production medium widebody freighters, 400 widebody conversion freighters and 1,040 medium conversion freighters.

Boeing has also projected that the e-commerce market will be one of the major forces contributing to the growth in air cargo traffic, which will hit $3.6tn by 2020.

In addition, the company has won an order for a new twin-aisle 777-300ER (extended range) jet, worth $339.6m at list prices, from Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS).

Image: Boeing and UPS finalise an order for 14 747-8 freighters. Photo: courtesy of Boeing.