Authorities in France are planning to deploy anti-drone technology during the Euro 2016 football tournament in order to protect viewers from unauthorised airborne trespassers.

Euro 2016 security chief Ziad Khoury stated that no-fly zones would be declared over all ten stadiums and training grounds for the 24 participating teams, reports Associated Press. The tournament will be taking place between 10 June and 10 July.

However, the government’s general secretariat for defence and national security had said that the authority would finalise the type of technologies to be deployed soon.

The authority is exploring the possibility to use microwave technology to tackle drones and other ground-based technologies to cut or jam signals to such aircraft.

"We’ve noted the general proliferation of drone-usage in society."

With reports of unknown drone flights over sensitive sites such as nuclear facilities, military installations and the presidential palace, the French Government has funded research to develop technology that enables obstruction or jam signals controlling drones, or even destroy them.

Khoury was quoted by Associated Press as saying: "We’ve noted the general proliferation of drone-usage in society.

"So no-fly zones will be defined over every training ground and every stadium, and in most stadiums and for most matches anti-drone measures, which are quite innovative, will be deployed, working with the state, which will interfere with drones and take control of them if they are spotted."

French authorities have also been trained to deal with the possibility of drones being used to sprinkle chemicals over audiences.

A training session was held last month in Saint-Etienne, one of the cities to host Euro 2016.

The city’s Geoffroy Guichard Stadium will host three group matches in June and one match in the knockout round.

UK police chief in charge of Euro 2016 security operation Mark Roberts said: "Given the threat, I will be speaking to the French authorities.

"They are aware more than anyone of the current position. There will be an exceptional security issue. I would encourage any supporters who have concerns to speak to French authorities.

"If we have any information, we will tell the relevant bodies."