ASL Aviation Group has signed a letter of intent to purchase Lockheed Martin’s ten LM-100J commercial freighters, a progress that would enable Lockheed to go ahead with certification of its civil variant of the C-130J Super Hercules.

The updated version of the company’s L-100 (or L-382) cargo aircraft, the LM-100J can perform as a civil multi-purpose air freighter and offer rapid and efficient transport of cargo.

ASL Aviation Group chief executive Hugh Flynn said: "From flying humanitarian relief supplies over rugged African terrain to transporting key cargo within Europe and around the world, no other plane can do what a Hercules can do.

"The new LM-100J freighter can deliver bulk and oversize cargo to adverse locations worldwide."

"Being based on the world’s most proven airlifter, the LM-100J enables us to continue to support our global customers, and position our company for the future with increased capabilities that only the LM-100J can deliver."

Incorporating technological developments and improvements over the existing L-100s, the new LM-100J freighter can deliver bulk and oversize cargo to adverse locations worldwide.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics executive vice-president Orlando Carvalho: "As an L-100 operator, ASL Aviation Group knows the flexibility and reliability that only a Hercules can deliver.

"ASL’s LM-100Js will offer these same attributes and more, helping Safair crews transport literally anything, anywhere, at any time in a technologically advanced airlifter that goes farther and faster than its predecessors."

Powered by four Rolls-Royce AE2100D turboprop engines, the LM-100J will offer 50% more range than the L-100, while offering a range of 2,200nm with a payload of 40,000lb.

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