Lufthansa Technik has established Aviation DataHub, an independent company to feature a platform for all data generated by the aviation industry.

Jan Stoevesand and Michael Britzke have been appointed as managing directors of Aviation DataHub.

The setting-up of Aviation DataHub is considered to be a significant step in the digitalisation of the maintenance, repair and overhaul business (MRO), as well as the integration of flight and ground-handling operations.

This platform will enable airlines, manufacturers and the MRO industry, data providers to gather, compile and process technical or flight-operations data.

Aviation DataHub enables data security, integrity and control by the owner of the data.

With regard to the technical support of aircraft or improvement of ground-handling and flight operations, airlines will be able to decide with whom they want to share their data.

“Aviation DataHub is open to anyone who wants to improve our industry – and that naturally includes our competitors.”

Lufthansa Technik executive board chairman Dr Johannes Bussmann said: “The establishment of the hub is a very important step, especially in guaranteeing airlines’ control of the data of their fleets and the use of this information. Our aim is to ensure the independence of airlines and to maintain competition. After all, competition will make the aviation industry more dependable, efficient and environmentally conscious. Control, choice and competition for all market players – this is the guiding principle of Aviation DataHub.”

The firm currently has a 100% stake in Aviation DataHub.

Over the coming months, Lufthansa Technik intends to add other shareholders and partners from the aviation industry to significantly reduce its stake.

A digital product of Lufthansa Technik, Aviatar will also work with the data from the Aviation DataHub.

It is an integrated platform for digital services such as predictive maintenance with integrated technical implementation.

The next step will see flight operations being included which will offer airlines with an integrated and uniform solution so that they can opt for holistic fleet management.

Several operators use Aviatar to draw benefits such as optimised operating times, reduced consequential costs and more reliable fleet operations.

Lufthansa Technik head of digital fleet solutions Dr Christian Langer said: “We welcome competition. It drives innovation and the search for the best solutions. For this reason, Aviation DataHub is open to anyone who wants to improve our industry – and that naturally includes our competitors. We are already in a fairly advanced stage of discussions with some potential shareholders and partners. The interest in such a neutral data platform is huge.”