Technology company Honeywell has partnered with iTRACE and SecureMarking to combat counterfeit aerospace products with blockchain.

The partnership will focus on ensuring the authenticity of Honeywell Aerospace parts by digitising them using blockchain technology and two-factor authentication.

SecureMarking president Daniel Stanton said: “Honeywell is helping us provide new levels of security necessary in the aerospace industry to link physical parts in a supply chain to its digital records.”

In this process, the part that comes off the Honeywell assembly line will receive a two-factor authentication marking on its identification plate.

An iTRACE’s 2DMI data matrix is firstly laser-etched onto the identification plate followed by applying an invisible, high-security ink.

The security ink is provided by Honeywell’s Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) business and SecureMarking.

The 2D matrix is scanned by the iTRACE mobile app and the digital authenticity record is then activated for the part. Honeywell’s digital blockchain ledger will record this data and the part’s birth information.

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This process will help reduce counterfeit parts as the two-factor authentication considers the part’s time of installation and its journey during its lifetime.

Honeywell GoDirect Trade online marketplace general manager Lisa Butters said: “Honeywell is committed to enhancing part provenance and authenticity in aerospace part sales, and to provide transparency by storing digital verification records onto the blockchain ledger for all to see.

“Our mission is to build the first aerospace marketplace that customers can confidently buy quality parts from. Our work with Honeywell PMT, SecureMarking and iTRACE is bringing new levels of security to the aviation industry.”