US-based start-up Coflyt has launched its new app, which is designed to help owners and pilots better manage their aircraft.

The new app incorporates suggestions from sources such as A&P’s, flight schools, and flight clubs.

Named after its company, Coflyt is an ‘intelligent’ aircraft software that provides the user with necessary visual flight rules/instrument flight rules inspection statuses, maintenance insights, scheduling, and billing.

With the help of this app, pilots can automate aircraft management. This will improve communications across their partners, A&P’s, insurance brokers, flying club and others involved in the aircraft’s management.

The company has made Coflyt available for download on Apple and Google Play stores.

Coflyt founder Tal Clark said: “We were aware that the majority of aircraft owners were still keeping their aircraft information and records in an inefficient manner by using paper documents, Excel spreadsheets, or other disconnected tools with little to no communication between the involved parties.

“There were often maintenance issues that were missed and flight logs that were not recorded, so we formed the Coflyt team to provide improved tools for the aviation community.

“We worked to create an in-depth app that helps owners, pilots and mechanics care for their aircraft intelligently, with an even greater value for those who are sharing ownership responsibility.”

Furthermore, Coflyt is capable of tracking the US Federal Aviation Administration compliance with inspections, financial tools, record squawk, provide visibility and make reservations for others.

It can also share information with all aircraft users.