American aircraft manufacturer Boeing is set to launch its latest round of flight-testing in a bid to evaluate new technologies addressing real-world challenges for airplane operators.

The company is introducing a Boeing 777 aircraft that will serve as the 2019 flying test bed for 50 projects, as part of its ecoDemonstrator testing programme.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes product strategy and future airplane development vice-president Mike Sinnett said: “This is the latest addition to our ecoDemonstrator program, where we look at how crew and passengers can have a better experience and how technologies can make flying safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.”

Technologies being tested as part of the ecoDemonstrator programme include an electronic flight bag application, which uses next-generation communications to automatically provide rerouting information to pilots when weather conditions warrant and cameras to provide more passengers with an outside view of the plane.

The programme also tests sharing of digital information between air traffic control, the flight deck and an airline’s operations centre to optimise routing efficiency and safety.

Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator programme was first launched in 2012, in collaboration with American Airlines and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

Five airplanes namely 737-800, 787-8 Dreamliner, 757, Embraer E170 and 777 Freighter have since tested nearly 112 technologies until last year.

Among the available technologies in use, iPad apps provide real-time information to pilots, enabling them to decrease fuel use and emissions, as well as a camera system on the 777X to help pilots avoid ground obstacles.

According to Boeing, a key part of the ecoDemonstrator programme is the collaboration with more than 12 industry partners to jointly test technologies that advance aviation. The company added that flight tests are expected to be conducted this year.