Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) is set to implement Seabury Capital Group subsidiary Seabury Solutions’ eAuthority integrated management system for civil aviation purposes.

ANAC has partnered with Seabury Solutions’ team to begin the first stage of the system’s implementation, in order to ensure the enhancement of management and administration of aviation safety inspections.

ANAC is expected to use eAuthority’s capabilities to strengthen its ongoing efforts that promote safety.

Seabury Solutions CEO Bijoy Mechery said: “eAuthority is the kind of solution an administration of the size of ANAC requires for the efficient management of aviation safety.”

The eAuthority management system allows data computerisation and the integration of some organisation processes, which include various aviation safety inspections.

ANAC national administrator Tomás Insausti said: “We are proud to see the beginning of the implementation of this management software for safety promotion because it represents a substantial improvement for ANAC and civil aviation.”

eAuthority drives towards the creation of inspection programmes and tasks optimisation carried out by inspectors and control officers.

It also eliminates hard copies used in procedures for obtaining licences and aircraft registration, as well as centralises information in a single database for monitoring various processes through indicators and dashboards.

Seabury Solutions Latin America sales vice-president Manuel Roché said: “The result of this bidding process by ANAC definitely positions Seabury Solutions very favourably in the region and ratifies the firm intention of the company to go forward accordingly.

“Considering the modernisation framework of the ANAC’s processes, the implementation of our software will enhance the management of resources, triggering greater efficiency, transparency, and optimisation of teamwork.”