VPT Series DC-DC Converters and Power Accessory Modules

Military and other high reliability system designers are under continual pressure to reduce costs and development times. Following the DoD’s “COTS Directive,” one of the primary methods of achieving these goals is to forego military standards and specifications, and instead use the best available commercial practices, standards, components, and hardware. COTS or “commercial off the shelf” hardware can offer the latest technology, is readily available, minimizes system development cycles, and reduces acquisition costs. These benefits are sensible, as long as the pitfalls can be avoided. The challenge is taking advantage of commercially available hardware without sacrificing system performance or reliability. The VPT series of high reliability COTS DC-DC converters and EMI filters supports the need for a low-cost power solution without compromising performance and severely reducing reliability. Designed from the ground up for high reliability applications, the VPT series blends a proven design heritage and performance with low-cost components and assembly techniques in a rugged package.

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