Flight Deck Door Monitoring Systems

Cabin Avionic's Skycam is a modular Flight Deck Door Monitoring System (FDDMS) for commercial aircraft. The new 5in Skycam visual display unit (VDU) is the heart of the Skycam system and is a direct replacement for the 4in VDU. Skycam uses the same connectors as the older VDU, so retro-fitting takes less than five minutes. It also uses new display technology, giving a bright and crisp image with a display that is 38% larger than the 4in' VDU, but with the same footprint. There is a switch that uses varying brightness controls and allows the pilot to select the perfect image for day or night operations. Further additions to the product's features comprise 16 cameras, including cargo hold and external cameras, digital recording, extra-wide-angle cameras and 0.0 Lux infrared devices. Please download this white paper to find out more about this product.

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