Nibron Special® Nickel Bronze Alloy

Nibron Special® is the cornerstone of Columbia Metals' alloy range. It is extra high-strength nickel bronze and offers a highly effective combination of properties not found in any other alloy.

Columbia Metals has now committed to holding defined minimum levels of stock of Nibron at all times, this will ensure you can always obtain Nibron when you need it, whatever the size.

Our stock range of Nibron is in round bar from 1/2in to 9in diameter. Our warehouses hold extensive stocks, so you can depend on next day delivery within the UK.

Nibron is vastly superior to most other copper alloys and steels. Its mechanical properties are equivalent to B7 bolting steel and it has excellent corrosion resistance in a large number of different aggressive media. Nibron is the ultimate cupronickel for offshore engineering and is extensively used in offshore and marine, aerospace and chemical processing applications.

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