Hub-Air Aviation and Airline Pilot Training

Hub-Air is a leading aviation training company providing all levels of training from ab-initio airline pilot training to aircraft type ratings. We also offer consultancy and management services to airlines.

Airline pilot training

The majority of our staff are experienced airline industry professionals. These include directors of flight operations, training managers, instructors and pilots. All of them work to the same goal: to use their professional experience to develop the highest possible level of professionalism and expertise within the next generation of airline pilots.

Airline-pilot training aircraft and flight simulators

To support our mission we have invested heavily in training systems and facilities, including the new Cessna G1000 and Diamond DA-42 training aircraft and a suite of new simulators. Full flight-simulator training is conducted on simulators close to Brussels Airport.

Line training experience for ab-initio pilots

We have also forged strategic links with a number of airlines. This allows us to offer invaluable line training experience to ab-initio pilots and can ease the transition to professional employment.

The ab-initio integrated training programme is the foundation of your airline pilot career. The success for subsequent training on specific types of aircraft will depend entirely on how well you have acquired your theoretical and flying skills.

Steps one to five in our programme are common to all training programmes or cadets schemes, but step six will give you the choice of learning the multi-crew concept in advanced fast turboprop aircraft or a typical Boeing B737-300.

If you are an airline training manager looking for new crew, or recurrent training facilities for existing staff, we would be delighted to hear from you. Similarly, if you are looking to begin your pilot career then look no further. We welcome students from all countries and all our training is carried out in English.

Pilot IR, multi-crew cooperation (MCC) and type rating courses

Our main offices are located in Brussels, less than 10min from the airport. These house our ground school and simulator complex. From here we offer a range of courses, including ATPL theory, IR, IR renewal, MCC, type rating, courses for Boeing 737 NGs / Boeing 737 Cs, courses for Airbus A319s, A320s and A321s, and IR ME licence renewal and aftercare courses.

VFR and IFR training for ab-initio pilots

For ab-initio pilots, VFR and basic IFR flight training takes place in Vero Beach, US, while the IFR multi-engine training is performed at Antwerpen Airport, Belgium. 

Pilot CPL IR ME courses

Hub-Air has developed a continuous training programme starting with the MEP rating, followed by the IR and finally the CPL. All the training is performed on the Diamond DA42 Twin Star, which gives you 78hr training in the same twin-engine aircraft.

Besides the fact that you will use the most modern tools available, Hub-Air has also developed an IFR training manual based on the experience of more than 50 TRI/TRE from the major airlines. This will give you the IFR airline level you require.

ATPL theory courses

Passing your ATPL theory examinations is an essential step towards gaining your ATPL licence. You have two ways of completing the required study for these exams: a three-month full-time ground school course where all the theory is taught in class by our experienced ground instructors, or a self-study distance learning course that allows you to study without taking time off from work or college.

Multi-engine rating (MEP) or DA42 conversion courses

These courses are designed for PPL pilots who would like to move up from single to multi-engine operations in VFR or IFR conditions. They are an ideal step up for those who wish to progress towards a career with airlines.

By the end of our multi-engine rating (MEP) or DA42 conversion courses you will be qualified to act as a pilot-in-command of a multi-engine aircraft in VFR or IFR condition, and type-rated on the DA-42.

The multi-engine IFR course is designed for pilots who have already performed a single-engine IFR course.

Professional training for the airline industry

Hub-Air was established in 2001 to provide dedicated professional training to the airline industry and has since grown rapidly to become one of the foremost training establishments in Europe.

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