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Bespoke Training Systems is a UK-based e-learning, computer-based training (CBT) and computer-aided instruction (CAI) development company based at the National Aviation Academy in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and Yeovil, Somerset. We offer fully tailored solutions and a range of high-quality generic courseware. We take pride in our quality and standard of work and strive to be the best in our field. We have a carefully selected team and we will not compromise on the quality of our developers.

At Bespoke Training Systems, we aim to offer a range of services to our clients from consultancy, media development through to complete solutions.

Our services include:

  • Couseware development (CAI/CBT)
  • Conversion
  • E-learning development
  • LMS integration
  • Emulation
  • Simulation
  • Part tast trainers (PTT)
  • Cockpit procedure trainers (CPT) 

Courseware development (CAI and CBT)

Bespoke Training Systems has many years of experience in producing self-paced computer-based training (CBT) and computer-aided instruction (CAI) for various sectors of industry, government departments and defence for the following:

  • System training
  • Product training
  • Aircrew training
  • Maintenance training
  • Software package training
  • Legislation training

Computer aided instruction for the aviation industry(CAI)

Computer assisted instruction (CAI) instructor-led training is still widely used for technical and product training, that represents a flexible, cost effective solution that is easily and quickly updated to address changing training needs, and providing a sound basis for new course development.

Bespoke Training Systems has produced for a variety of clients hours of high quality, Instructor led, technical and product training courseware for the aviation industry and defence sectors. Some key features of our CAI:

  • High quality 2D and 3D graphics that represent accurately any product or system, as well as integrating video that can be built from all manners or reference materials – from photos, existing media and conversion from Dassault Systems CATIA
  • Utilising a variety of solutions and technologies from PowerPoint to custom-built delivery platforms that utilise a variety of technologies to facilitate rapid rework of content and single-sourcing
  • BTS can take any existing TNA or Learning Design or produce them from scratch. This will ensure that any content produced will conform to any standards that may be required – such as Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT), SCORM, AICC etc

Computer based training for the aviation industry(CBT)

Bespoke Training Systems also utilises many of its principles from its CAI development, along with high-quality learning design to produce its computer-based training (CBT) solutions with a growing reputation for producing innovative graphical designs and development techniques and the ability to take and assimilate any complex technical information into appropriately sized and portioned for any target audience without losing any training point.

Our recent projects utilise highly engaging skill-based trainers which feature innovative learning design, high-fidelity emulation and interactions, animation and graphics.

Single sourced aircraft training solutions

Bespoke Training Systems can take either CAI or CBT, and produce a single sourced solution. Successful delivery of such solutions have been carried out for a variety of platforms covering a number of fields, such as:

  • Product training
  • Maintenance training
  • Familiarisation
  • Operator training

Part task trainers (PTT) for fixed and rotary wing aircraft simulation   

Bespoke Training Systems have provided part-task trainers (PTT) that integrate with hardware to provide fully integrated training solutions that provide computer based training (CBT) type solutions integrate with full system emulations.

The core of our PTT solution utilises technologies to enable the delivered product to be rapidly updated to keep track with any aircraft updates – therefore keeping the PTT closely updated with the in-service aircraft, that would be quicker than updates delivered for any full-sized simulator. This would clearly ensure currency of any training provided by the PTT.

Bespoke training systems have developed a PTT for the:

  • Eurofighter Typhoon – HOTAS trainer
  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook – Navigation CPT

The scales of the development from desktop-based through to full-sized replicas of cockpit solutions, shows that Bespoke Training Systems Ltd can supply cost effective solutions in a timely manner that fulfil a customers’ requirements.

Cockpit procedure trainer

Bespoke Training Systems can provide cockpit procedure trainers (CPT) that utilise either a touch-screen cockpit environment or fully synthetic replicas of avionics and aircraft systems that can augment with touch screen panels.

Targeting the fidelity of the CPT, this can provide a cost effective training solution that can be utilised at a fraction of the cost of a full-mission simulator.

Some of the key features of the BTS CPT:

  • Fully operational CDNU
  • VOR
  • ADF
  • Instructor control console

 Bespoke Training Systems have developed a fully scalable CPT for the Boeing CH-47 Chinook for the Royal Air Force that can be configured to cover all of the variants the RAF fly. Furthermore, the technology behind the system can be fully tailored to cover any of the various other air forces around the world as well as other aircraft platforms.

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